The GDW discussion group is a Yahoogroup, moderated by Noah. It allows us to continue design discussions which started during the Workshop... or to get some juicy discussions going which can continue at the Workshop!

You may have already received an invitation from Noah to join the group; the invitation includes instructions for joining. If you have not received such an invitation, or if you accidentally mistook it for spam and deleted it, contact Noah for a new invitation. Once joined, you can request to receive messages individually as they are sent, collectively once a day, or only read them from as you choose, so there is no effective drawback to joining now (other than the spam issue, which you can deal with by following the directions at the bottom of this page).

Here are Noah's instructions from when he set up the discussion group in September 2001:

People are still trickling in, but I've had a lot of questions about  yahoogroups in general, and this one in particular, so I thought I should send this out.  First, I'm pretty new to this - I've been a member of a couple of these groups for a while, but never hosted one before, so if any of you have superior knowledge, please don't hesitate to jump in with suggestions.

This is primarily a way to manage messages.  Instead of sending email to all our workshop attendees directly, you can get them through this group
instead.  One advantage is that you will always know when the messages are related to this workshop alone.  Another is that you can choose to get them immediately as people post them, once a day in digest form, or simply read them on the website and not get extra email at all.  It also archives our messages on the website.  If you want to switch to one of the alternate ways to receive these messages, go to the site and follow the instructions there.

You may have noticed that I'm moderating the group through my email identity, but posting mostly through this address.  I'll respond more quickly to email to me at my "" address, either to noah or nf there.
Ground rules - there will be a bare minimum.  This is a pretty knowledgeable group, so I don't expect any trouble, but I do want us to keep the exchanges cordial, with no personal attacks.  If you have any problems or suggestions let me know.  If your problems are with me, let Bob Bates or Steve Meretzky know and they'll taunt me mercilessly.

And here is a warning about Yahoo spam that Noah posted to the discussion group in April of 2002: I'm sorry to say that I learned (through a friend at another group) that Yahoo has changed their privacy policy and provided a new page to set your preferences on receiving spam from them - conveniently setting the defaults all to YES.  So I urge you to follow these instructions if you want to change this:

"Hi, all. I don't know when it happened, but according to an email I got, Yahoo has either created new marketing permissions or changed the ones that are up there, and they've defaulted everything to "yes" -- meaning "you may spam me". My account was set to all yes's, which I definitely didn't do myself. To examine and change this (if you wish) go to your account ( and click "Account Info" and then the link about marketing preferences."

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