Snippets from the Fans



“Your rendition of Floyd is a masterpiece. I love him! … When Floyd died, I was on the verge of tears. That is not something this 19 year old university student does often.”

-- Trevor from Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Planetfall has been the best adventure game I have ever played. I would rate this game 9.99 out of 10.”

-- Daniel from Campbell, California


“Applause, wild screaming, a standing ovation, and idol worshipping. I loved Planetfall.”

-- Anne from East Lansing, Michigan


“I want to thank you for Planetfall. It is absolutely the best computer game I have ever played!!!”

-- David from Fairborn, Ohio


“This game out of all the Infocom games had to be my favorite because you established a character who became a very big part of the game and made the game seem as if it were missing something without him.”

-- Justin from New York, New York


“This is the best entertainment program to be found anywhere. Will there be a sequel to this magnificent adventure? I hope so, because I’m going to buy it. Keep up the GREAT WORK!”

-- Keith from Hamtramck, Michigan


“I loved it. The multi-word parser would have been enough for me, but nooo… you threw in believable characters, a great plot, having to eat and sleep, and a very fine attention paid to detail.”

-- Aaron from El Paso, Texas


“Infocom, you have truly outdone yourself!!! I worship this game. I went into depression when Floyd died.”

-- Nicholas from East Hampton, New York


“Thanks for a wonderful adventure. Planetfall has it all. I can’t think of any way that it can be improved upon. This is one adventure I hated to see come to an end.”

-- Linda from Ansonia, Connecticut





“Congratulations on a masterpiece! The three-dimensional crystal maze was a classic, but it was surpassed by the time-warp loop through the coal mine. That was an inspiration. I am impressed beyond words.”

-- Mark from Seattle, Washington


“Right from the first introductory text I was hooked solid. Your vivid descriptions and sparkling prose have overwhelmed me to the point where I never even want to play a graphic adventure again!”

-- Joseph from Somerville, Massachusetts


“As much as I loved Planetfall, I like Sorcerer even more. The best part of the game, and the most creative, was in the coal mine. Meeting yourself was quite a surprise and truly an original concept.”

-- Larry from Juneau, Alaska



The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


“My compliments to Douglas Adams and Steven Meretzky for adding intelligent humor to the game. Being a young writer myself, I find them to be a great inspiration. I would appreciate it if you would pass this message on to them before they are committed of something of that nature.”

-- Cindy from Topeka, Kansas


“As a Reading Specialist, I generally work with disadvantaged youngsters who have reading disabilities or gifted students with special needs. I thought long and hard about sharing Hitchhiker’s Guide with 10 year old girls, but finally decided to ‘go for it’ … and the results have been incredible. Their conversations are spiked with quotes and references; they can quote whole passages verbatim.”

-- Loretta from Newark, Delaware


“Your works have a more humorous, surrealistic feel to them, and when I get home from another 8 hours of drudgery at work, that is exactly what I want.”

-- Lee from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


“Congratulations for the excellent cooperative effort. Douglas Adams has instilled the flavour and wit of his work into Steve Meretzky’s game format to an extent I would not have thought possible.”

-- Tom from Toronto, Ontario


“Congratulations on Hitchhiker’s Guide. You and Douglas Adams have achieved a first: a computer game based on a major novel which is better than the book.”

-- Gary from Hollis, New Hampshire



A Mind Forever Voyaging


“It is the only game that has actually been able to scare me. I am, of course, talking about the simulation of 2081. It is as frightening now as when I first played it. That short scene alone proves to the entire industry that graphics aren’t needed for games. You can’t show fear and hate, and the total moral decline of society in graphics, but the way your text was oriented sent chills down my spine.”

-- Matthew from Bellingham, Washington


“Either cut Steve Meretzky’s salary or make him write AMFV 2.”

-- Jason from Davenport, Iowa


“A brief fan letter to complement you on the scope and execution of A Mind Forever Voyaging. Of the Infocom games I have played and enjoyed, and the much larger number of non-Infocom games, non approaches AMFV in its imaginative structure.”

-- Steven from New York, New York


“I was expecting to find another good, puzzle-oriented Infocom game. Instead, I found eloquent, well-written, absolutely superior science fiction. Wow.”

-- Douglas from San Francisco, California


“It’s 3:00 a.m., a time supposedly unknown to a 16-year-old St. John’s Prep student. I have just experienced and conquered the ultimate in interactive fiction. This is the first time I have ever been so excited about a computer game that I had to write to the creator right away. The format of the game was refreshing. The plot itself was ingenious. The ending was beautiful; I actually cried.”

-- James from Lynn, Massachusetts


“I completely enjoyed A Mind Forever Voyaging. It enters into a realm that interactive fiction should mean. I found myself playing and replaying it.”

-- Brian from Baker, Louisiana


AMFV touched me so that I felt I must write to you. In AMFV, you have created the most true to human experiences in any Infocom scenario. You have accomplished what writers of classics have; a story that draws the reader in, propels him through, and creates a complete emotional bond between the reader and the main character.”

-- Richard from Annapolis, Maryland


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We just finished playing (no, make that experiencing) your mind-blowing work A Mind Forever Voyaging. We wanted to compliment you on your intriguing idea and the brilliance with which you carried it out. It was probably the most engrossing game we’ve ever experienced.”

-- Brian and Cris from Albuquerque, New Mexico


“The story was a riveting, though-provoking tale that propelled AMFV towards the status of true literature. The idea behind PRISM caused quite a discussion in my household. Our imaginations were stirred by the notion of living one’s life unaware of the fact that your entire ‘physical’ existence had merely been computer-simulated.”

-- Robert from Ramsey, New Jersey


AMFV is incredible. No other adjective fully articulates my emotions about this game. The concept is fantastic and the prose is beautiful (some of the best I’ve read since Orwell).”

-- Jacob from Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Leather Goddesses of Phobos


“Congratulations to both you and Infocom on another great story. I’ve never had so much fun playing an interactive fiction game as I did with Leather Goddesses of Phobos.”

-- Steve from Peterborough, Ontario


“One of your best pieces of work (nay, art!) and the funniest bit yet! The game is absolutely spellbinding!”

-- Charles from Orlando, Florida


“Funny, amusing, absolutely hilarious – the best purpose for a home computer!”

-- Marian from Napa, California


“Nothing less than outlandishly clever, terminally funny, and thoroughly addicting!”

-- John from Hawthorne, California


“I was given Zork I and enjoy it, but this does top it. The humor is out of this world and the 3-D comic is fantastic.”

-- Lori from Oakdale, Connecticut


“I am still laughing! Don’t stop!!! The best work I have seen!”

-- Mitchell from Denton, Texas


“12 on a scale of 1 to 10.”

-- William from Portland, Oregon


“This is the second Infocom purchase for me (the first being Hitchhiker’s Guide) – I now firmly believe that A) It will not be my last, and B) it is impossible for you folks to disappoint me!”

-- Susan from Salt Lake City, Utah


“Great game! Everyone at work (a computer store!) loves it! Great “extras” in the box. Definitely more exciting than my last girlfriend!!”

-- Michael from Kankakee, Illinois


“Perfect in every way. Excellent packaging. Excellent documentation. Excellent game. 11 out of 10.”

-- Billy from Bolton, England





“Add my name to the millions of those who no doubt thoroughly enjoyed Floyd in the Planetfall and Stationfall stories.”

-- George from Charleston, South Carolina.


“My wife says that now you must write another game and bring Floyd back to life!! Seriously though, we really loved Stationfall.”

-- Jack from Queensland, Australia


Stationfall blew me away. It seems that each new game you guys turn out is better than the ones before.”

-- Kevin from Miami, Florida


“Infocom has done it again! Since I solved Stationfall, I haven’t been able to sleep nights, the death of Floyd being on my conscience. You must bring him back!”

-- Matt from Renton, Washington



Zork Zero


“I have long been a sincerer admirer of your contributions to the Infocom corpus, particularly your work that has related to the Zork world. Sorcerer and Zork Zero still rank among my favorite computer games.”

-- Nino from Chicago, Illinois



Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls


“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your game Spellcasting 101. I played it over the course of five months. My final verdict is a thumbs up!”

-- Shannon from Phoenix, Arizona


“I thank you for a hilarious, funny, silly game. Keep up the good work, or a large man named Vinnie will be looking for you.”

-- Scott from Farmington Hills, Michigan


“This has got to be the best computer game I have ever played! The game is absolutely hilarious! The Goldilocks and the Three Mud Devils sequence still has me laughing uncontrollably! Get busy on Spellcasting 201! We want more!”

-- Bill from Dulles, Virginia


Spellcasting 101 is the best game produced in years. The main reason I purchased the game was because it was designed by Steve Meretzky whose reputation I am familiar with from his excellent work at Infocom. Steve’s game Planetfall is probably my favorite computer game of all time.”

-- John from Concord, California


“I have recently played Spellcasting 101 and loved it. It is the best computer game I have ever played.”

-- Shawn from Merriam, Kansas



Spellcasting 301: Spring Break


“Greetings from the real home of Spring Break, Fort Lauderdale. As a Captain in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, I just wanted to let you know that some of us at the Department have found your latest adventure game and are working on it. Having worked Spring Break for a number of years I am interested in viewing it from the other side, so to speak…”

-- Richard from Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Hodj ‘n’ Podj


“We play Hodj ‘n’ Podj nearly every night. It is nice to play a good two player computer game that is challenging, fun, and different every time! It is providing hours of entertainment. We eagerly await your next creation!”

-- Susan and Dennis from Seven Hills, Ohio


“I have just purchased Hodj ‘n’ Podj and believe it to be one of the best board games ever devised. The artwork is gorgeous, the sound is fantastic, the plot is entertaining, and the mini-games are fun and challenging.”

-- Lonnie from Walnut, California


“I purchased Hodj ‘n’ Podj a few days ago and have already fallen in love with the game.”

-- Barbara from Creston, Washington


“I enjoy playing Hodj ‘n’ Podj so much that my husband is starting to make fun of me and I have to wait until he goes to bed so I can play in peace.”

-- Jessica from Boylston, Massachusetts


“Your game is so cool. It is the funnest computer game that I’ve ever tried. And that’s pretty hard to beat.”

-- Kristina from North Richland Hills, Texas


“Your Hodj ‘n’ Podj game is most entertaining. It is enjoyed by every member of our family.”

-- Robert from San Antonio, Texas


“As directed by royal decree, we are writing to tell you how much we are enjoying Hodj ‘n’ Podj! While not exactly hooked on it, we do spend many waking hours playing it when we should be doing things such as laundry or dishes! Thank you for a non-‘destroy-the-universe’ game!”

-- Patricia from Bellingham, Washington


“I am totally hooked on Hodj ‘n’ Podj, and I don’t get my wife onto the computer very much to play games, but this is an exception, she loves it. What did I like? Everything, the graphics are fantastic, the audio is great, and each game is different. My wife and I are in our early 60’s, and this afternoon I had a young friend over and showed her the game and she also like it.”

-- Frank from Petaluma, California


“For Christmas we purchased Hodj ‘n’ Podj for our kids and we have enjoyed it over and over. Congratulations on providing a challenging, entertaining, quality game for kids and adults!”

-- Liz and Dave from Grand Rapids, Minnesota


“I purchased Hodj ‘n’ Podj for my seven-year-old son for Christmas. It’s the best CD-ROM game we have ever played. The mini-games are great and it’s nice to be able to specify the difficulty of the games by the player.”

-- Bettye from Timonium, Maryland


“I want to thank you for Hodj ‘n’ Podj. Myself, a middle-aged writer, my husband, a middle-aged architect, and our five-year-old daughter all love this game. I have never been one for computer games, but this game has grabbed and swallowed up way too much of my free time. The mini-games are unique and fun. Best of all is the humor and silliness that runs rampant throughout the entire adventure. It is never exactly the same. In all, it’s just perfect!”

-- Malinda from Glendale, Arizona


“I cannot put into words how impressed I am with Hodj ‘n’ Podj! I brought it home and have been addicted ever since. I’ve never seen a more interesting or creative game yet. Make more!!!”

-- Susan from Hammond, Indiana


“Our deepest and most sincere gratitude for the hospitality of your glorious Kingdom of Po-Porree. It is our pleasure to have lived in your kingdom for as many hours as we have over the past year, without tiring of the pleasures in each little corner. We play the game with our son who refuses to grow weary of it. It may be put away for a few months, but always reappears with the original vigor, on our computer screen."

-- Christopher and Dorothea from Belmont, Massachusetts



The Space Bar


The Space Bar is the most entertaining game I’ve ever played (and me, being a very enthusiastic gamer, should know). Games are my life and I’ve always enjoyed every type I’ve ever played. Awesome job.”

-- Adam from Casper, Wyoming


“Brilliant. That word applies to any and all people associated with the construction of The Space Bar. To call it great is an understatement of the most unbelievable degree. The Space Bar does for adventure games what Doom did for shoot-em-ups. The design is nothing short of perfect.”

-- Phil from Enid, Oklahoma


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