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Boffo Games is no longer in business. From 1994 through 1997, the company produced two notable games: Hodj 'n' Podj and The Space Bar. Neither game is sold anymore, but you might be able to find a copy for sale on eBay or other auction sites.

Hodj 'n' Podj

Hodj 'n' Podj logoHodj 'n' Podj is a collection of 19 mini-games, set in a humorous fairy tale land, and linked together by a board-game-like meta-game.

The game was written for Windows 3.1, and runs reasonably well under several subsequent versions of Windows. Unfortunately, it won't run under either Windows XP or Vista, but thanks to a fan for writing in with this work-around:
Lose your clue books? You can download Hodj's clue book and Podj's clue book right here!

In Windows 95 or later versions of Windows, there is a bug that causes a crash in the Word Search mini-game, if you try to select a diagonal word. This bug can be fixed by downloading an installing this patch. It's a self-extracting ZIP file; just put it in your Hodj 'n' Podj directory and double-click it.

The Space Bar
The Space Bar is a hilarious graphic adventure game set in a seedy spaceport lounge. You play a human detective, Alias Node, searching for a murderer among the often unfathomable alien races in the bar. Your investigations take you to a series of wild flashbacks on the home worlds of the various suspects. The Space Bar was designed and directed by Steve Meretzky and features concept art by Ron Cobb.

Here are some hints to help your investigations:

The Thirsty Tentacle
Soldier 714-Z-367 Flashback
Thud Flashback
Fleebix Flashback
Cilia Flashback
Seedrot Flashback
Smeffwold Flashback
Deven-7 Flashback
Bettaker Flashback
Slurb & Delb Flashback
Click Snap Snap Rattle Flashback

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